Isner: Alan "Jimmy" Isner, Husband of Linda Isner

Alan Isner, Husband of Linda Isner
I put my husband in hospice thinking they would care for him temporarily and he would return home. He lasted 3 1/2 days. Hospice has a reputation for hastening death and they live up to it, even though they deny it.
4 years ago today my husband Alan (Jimmy) Isner was intentionally overdosed with Morphine, Ativan and Haldol and died at Blue Ridge Hospice in Winchester Virginia. Admitted with only anxiety and because Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock gave him Ativan and Morphine although not in pain. He was dizzy and unsteady I was afraid he'd fall at home and hospice assured me he wouldn't fall.
He was immediately put to sleep and all of his regular medications were discontinued because I was told he may not be able to swallow. I was told he would "be kept comfortable. I was not informed that these drugs were deadly when combined. Or that Haldol would be used. These 3 drugs are used to terminally sedate patients, I found out after he died.
Because my husband said,"I don't want to die." at SMH the hospice social worker wrote in medical records he was agitated. After I left hospice he fell. He was given 40 mg. Morphine, 2 mg Ativan, 4mg. Haldol within 1 hr and 45 min. followed by 2 doses of ABHR (Ativan, Benadryl, Haldol, Reglan) 2 mg. each a half hour later.
A starting dose of Morphine for someone in pain would be 2.5 mg. Ativan is also used for insomnia-a sleeping pill. The first 24 hrs. according to medical records he received 80 mg. Morphine, 10 mg. Ativan, 4 mg. Haldol. His respirations were noted as below 8 which indicates overdose from Morphine and Naloxone is to be administered. I wasn't told. Instead he was given another round of Morphine, Ativan and Haldol.
I asked if his difficult respirations and apnea were due to these drugs 3 times during his 3 days there and was lied to. Since he was unconscious I told them I wanted his dosages lowered and I refused the scheduled every 2 hr. doses they wanted to give to,"stay ahead of the pain." Having no idea how much he was given I was told ,"he's dying." and the tumor could be causing him not to be able to wake up. Concerned about dehydration I was told,"food and fluids do more harm than good." The dr. wrote he was agitated because he was trying to get out of bed.
The nurses notes were also falsified making it look as if he was in horrible pain and agitated because,"sitting up with feet hanging out of the bed." "Fighting staff, kicking." Wrote while I was there and this didn't occur. Records were falsified stating "admitted with uncontrollable pain and agitation." Not true but done to bill Medicare at a higher rate and make it seem as if the high dosages were appropriate to reviewers if there were a complaint.
While unconscious, a nurse said she wanted to give Haldol. I said ,"absolutely not!" My husband moved his hand and an aide said,"See he needs medication!" Haldol was given the next day for no reason, without my knowledge and after being refused.
Suzann Williams Rosenthal GPN observed him unconscious the last day of his life and wanted to put him on a Morphine pump. I said no. I told her he was over medicated, complained to her about the nurse who tried to give him Haldol. She told me of a patient getting 80 mg of Morphine who was up walking around.? I told her I didn't want him getting 2 drugs at the same time. She told me,"We've been doing this a long time and that's more important than what you've read on the internet." I told her," Drug interactions aren't a conspiracy theory." She smirked at me and left. She ordered that the Morphine be doubled. For no reason without telling me because I would not have allowed it. In 3 days my husband received 400 mg. Morphine, 24 mg. Ativan, and 12 mg. Haldol. 2 Scopolamine patches which enhances the effects of Morphine, Atropine another deadly drug in high amounts and Dexamethasone for facial swelling. Morphine can cause facial swelling. No one is informed of these horrible drugs that are deadly and have horrible side effects as required by law. I was also forced to sign a DNR in order to have him cared for. This is NOT a comfortable way to die! Because we've signed consent forms which informed us of NOTHING and they falsified records they have gotten away with murder.