The website Hospice Fraud exists not only because millions and millions of government dollars are being stolen by rogue hospices and their employees but also because of the enormous damage to American families, and all others who have been harmed by the theft of human life.  This behavior is against all values of our American system.  No where in any period of time has our country appeared to condone the degradation, the devaluation of human life as is taking place today. 

This is not a site that supports hospice haters.  This is a site that inspires solutions.  You can't totally eliminate care for the elderly, disabled or dying or you will just have euthanasia! You have to have some type of caring whatever you call it and originally hospice was the appropriate way of caring for people using the best of science to relieve suffering without killing.

Today, much greed in the industry and those who have found ways to make a lot of money off of human suffering have changed the landscape.  Hospice patients are simply a money crop.

One of the most blatant examples of this unacceptable and deplorable behavior is a recent Office of the Inspector General Case -

Novus Health Services and Optim Health Services, Inc.  This scam reaped $60 Million in a Medicare Fraud Scheme.  Sixteen people, which includes five physicians are named in the original indictment which you can view at:


 Proof has been shown to the Prosecutors that employees were ordered to terminate patients lives, were ordered to kill people who were not even terminal.  People were placed in a Federally Funded Medicare Hospice Program who were not dying but ended up that way by overdoses of medications that should have never been used.  The only ones who benefited from this illegal activity were the owners and the employees who ended up with a cut of the profits; all paid by Medicare.  Not one single case has been prosecuted as murder. 


This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds and hundreds of these government prosecuted cases.  Read the cases on this web site.  Read the scams used to coerce the public into trusting these wrongdoers.  People have been dying since time began and never before in America have patients been rounded up and basically executed for financial gain.  We can't think of a better way to explain what is going on.  It is unbelievable to all who have never seen it happen.  Unfortunately, it is true and the proof is on this site for your reading and numerous links to credible sources also exist here.  It is our hope that people will heed the lessons learned from these now public criminal behaviors and with hope and luck will be able to avoid experiencing them. 


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