This program told of a 78 year old woman in the hospital for observation being faint and dizzy, was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She died 2 days after given Morphine by a hospice the hospital owned. The medical examiner said her death was a result of a large overdose of Morphine. With a second opinion agreeing with the autopsy that showed she didn't have cancer. The medical examiner's investigations led to the questionable deaths of 19 others most at the same hospice. He was fired and a cover up began. A medical panel set up to review the case of the woman's death disagreed with his findings and police were "waved off" by the state attorney's office. No murder charges were filed. Read the story at the link:


The former minister and chief financial officer of American Homecare Hospice in Sylacauga has entered a plea on information to federal bank fraud charges, according to a press release from U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.




Stop Forced Euthanasia By Hospices

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According to this article the first fraud occurred in 1994 and revealed widespread fraud with 1000's of cases investigated nationwide seeking 100 million dollars. Written in 1998, this focuses on Joseph A. Kerschenbaum, a lawyer and financial analyst who paid nursing homes for access to their patients. He paid doctors to fraudulently certify patients as terminal to qualify for hospice. He was charged with obtaining 28.5 million dollars from Medicare and others. The FBI said this case demonstrates how easy it is to commit multimillion dollar fraud. In the last 20 years there is no way to calculate how many lives were ended early. From being denied treatments, the withdrawal of regular medications, to the inappropriate use and over medicating with Morphine, Ativan, and Haldol, which is called comfort care. Read the article at this link: